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about me & my art

    I was born in 1965 and attended Technical University in Lodz, Poland. I chose architecture, with the ambition of becoming a great architect. I graduated with MSc(Hons). Since graduating I have been a full time architect, working together with Zbyszek who is both my husband and best friend, at our studio in Lodz.

    My strong intuition, inner voice, dreams, emotions or, maybe my positive energy and love for life ... all contribute in an impulse to be creative, to develop many passions and fascinations other than just architecture.

    When I was a teenager I spent my time experimenting with colours & pigment behaviour. I originally worked with watercolours, a medium in which pigment characteristics are most apparent. During my architecture studies I was using mostly pen and pencil and, to be honest, I was fascinated by those monochronic techniques a lot. I still love it. In between, there were also a few oil paintings but ultimately the oils have not been my cup of tea.

    Some time ago I discovered acrylics. They are very inspiring and I am able to explore fluid acrylics as a vehicle to create pigment effects. Having long known that pigments have different characteristics, I use their viscosity to attract or repel each other as they vie for position in a flowing journey of evolving patterns. Images created in this way seem to be directly related to patterns found throughout the world... be it a natural, celestial or a magic one.

​    The paintings I create are not made for the viewer to function within it. Instead, their purpose is to stimulate powerful emotions and to excite. They ask questions as opposed to answering them. My painting style is non literal. I am constantly questioning what I see. Colour is more used to suit an idea and emotions rather than the subject itself. As it is used as a metaphor of light & darkness, in keeping with the overarching themes of hope and optimism. This makes it ideal for me to experiment with the beauty of colour, with the freedom of realizing my brain’s limited perception of it.

​    In contemplation and meditation, I open myself to an inner vision which becomes a creative tool for my artwork. My approach to painting draws upon a tremendous positive energy that reflects in the themes of hope and optimism that infuse my work.

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